Athena's Bees Honey 1/2 Pound


This raw honey gathered from New England honey bees varies in color and taste depending on the season. Bees in Northern New England gather nectar from trees, like maple, wild apple, sumac, black locus, basswood, and from the many types of berries and wildflowers that grow in our pristine northern climate where contamination from agricultural and garden chemicals is rare. A light, summer honey. Great for tea & toast.

Raw honey is unfiltered and uncooked so therefore will gradually crystallize in the jar. Keep the lid on tight as honey is "hygroscopic" meaning that it will absorb water from the air, but the presence of the bees enzymes turns that moisture into hydrogen peroxide making raw honey naturally anti-bacterial so there is no need for refrigeration. Gently heat in hot water in the sink, below 95 degrees to preserve its natural goodness. Never microwave.

Infants should not be fed honey as they have yet to develop the ability to digest it properly.

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