Roofing Tar Paper Pre-cut


This is a pre-cut roll of traditional roofing tar paper for wrapping a hive with a breathable wind-guard. Breathable to help with moisture control allong with other management tools like a screened bottom board and ventilated, moisture wicking top.

The black color serves as a solar gain device, but healthy acclaimated bees can handle cold, just not wet and cold. This paper is thin enough to be stapled right to the hive or possibly strapped. Sheets are 3 feet high - or 36" - and 72 inches is recommended for an 8 frame hive or 78 inches long for a ten frame hive. Cost for either is $6.

ADDING INSULATION: See images below. These lengths should allow room for inserting insulation board depending on the thickness of the board and extent of the wrapping method. Our experience has been to ducktape rather than staple the insulation onto the paper and do all the math before heading out to the hives. Black ducktape is recommended. Tape does not want to stick to the paper but will stick to itself so plan well and make a sample strip to measure for fit around your hive before committing.

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