Drone Comb Frame DEEP


9 1/8" (23.18 cm) Green Plastic Drone Comb Frame:

CAUTIONS: There are lots of variables to consider when using this tool. In our brief season in the Northeast U.S. using drone comb as a part of your IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program requires diligence and the beekeeper should way the cost vs benefit factor. Successful, treatment free beekeepers do not necessarily use this as part of their strategy here in our northern climate, but some do with success. This one piece plastic frame and foundation has a larger cell pattern which encourages the bees to make drone comb. As part of your Integrated Pest Management program for varroa mites, insert one drone frame into each hive. When the bees have capped the cells, place the frame in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight. Remove the frame from the freezer. Pluck your capping scratcher across the cells, breaking them open, discarding the brood or place the frame back in the hive for the worker bees to clean out the dead drones and mites - but that's a lot of work for them that could be used elsewhere in the hive as was drawing the comb out in the first place. Let the 1st round of drones hatch if practicing this repeatedly from spring on or if few varroa are evident as this could mean these drones are resistant and that would be a good trait to add to your honey bees' gene pool. Repeat the cycle as the bees refill and cap the cells.

Use with 9 5/8" (24.45 cm) Hive Bodies.

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