Complete 8 Frame Hive Options


Priced right - New England hive custom designed with our winters and northern honey bee behaviors in mind. Includes the unique Slatted Rack, a proven companion to a beekeeper's swarm control techniques and moisture prevention measures. Hive is 13.5 inches wide, walls are 3/4 inch thick.

This is a complete beehive, 8 Frame UNASSEMBLED, or choose ASSEMBLED for $318. Crafted in New Hampshire with sustainably harvested white pine. Painted hives are available for $400. Drop by to talk about your assembly & painting needs.

No laminated woods used in the hive except for plywood as we have found it holds up better and provides weight in the Telescoping & inner covers. Frames are wood with quality beeswax wired foundation. Crafted by New Hampshire & Maine carpenters. Only the boxes and frames are unassembled. One deep and two mediums. Includes a top winter prep super kit.


  • Telescoping Outer Cover with aluminum shield
  • Inner Cover
  • Shim for feeding emergencies
  • 2 Medium Supers with frames and quality wired wax foundation
  • Deep Brood Box with frames and quality wired wax foundation
  • Slatted Rack
  • Screened Bottom Board
  • Landing Board
  • Entrance Reducer
  • Winter prep super kit

  • Model: Hive-8MD

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