Seasonal Hive Management Begins Feb 2nd

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Hive Management by the Seasons in the Northeast

Begins Feb 2nd Tuesdays, 7 pm – 8:30 pm - PowerPoint & video presentation via Zoom with student participation.
A six week course designed for backyard beekeepers who have previously kept bees, however guidance will be provided for sourcing healthy honey bees and setting up an apiary. This course will focus on management styles for our unique New Hampshire micro climate diversities with its long winters and short nectar flows and is primarily based on a modern application of the respected works of Massachusetts beekeeper Richard Bonney author of “Hive Management” published in 1990 and “Beekeeping A Practical Guide” 1993. Discussion among participants will be encouraged but not required. There is no specific text for the course; however books will be recommended. A notebook of handouts and the instructor’s picture field guide are included in the fee. Indicate below if you’d like those sent via U.S.P.S. for an additional $8.00, otherwise pickup at the shop can be arranged. A virtual copy of materials is not out of the question but talk to the instructor.

Tuesday, February 2nd: 7 pm - 8:30 pm
Colony Behavior Dynamics for Beekeepers
  • Pantry & nursery - dance floor & cannery – the honey bee as cook, nanny, navigator, town crier & precision engineer - what to look for in northern survival traits
  • Honey bee pheromones – how to use good smells and avoid smelly mistakes
  • Feeding bees – How simulating a nectar or pollen flow leads to untimely results
  • Success, failure and where our bees come from

Tuesday, February 9th: 7 pm - 8:30 pm
Summer Hive Management & The Northern Honey Bee – Part 1

  • Survival & beehive design - types & sizes for our unique climate.
  • Understanding “bee space” issues with backyard vs commercial or big box store hives.
  • Apiary size & location - how it impacts beekeeper success
  • Summer pollen & nectar sources – drought and honey flows
  • Working your bees for a honey harvest

Tuesday, February 16th: 7 pm - 8:30 pm
Summer Hive Management – Part 2

  • Making nucs and splits
  • Swarm prevention & management techniques
  • How to catch a swarm – tools of the trade
  • Late summer hive inspections

Tuesday, February 23rd: 7 pm - 8:30 pm
Fall Hive Management

  • Wasps, mowing schedules and the dwindling challenge
  • Cold weather coming and the final inspection
  • Consolidating resources
  • Wraps, windbreaks and winter considerations

Tuesday, March 2nd 7 pm - 8:30 pm
The Hive in Winter

  • Confined for six months – how do they do it?
  • Planning for spring – Precautions to take now
  • How to keep busy as a beekeeper
  • Sleepless night concerns for the over-wintering beekeeper
  • Have plan – samples of New England beekeepers’ apiary seasonal management plans

Tuesday, March 9th 7 pm - 8:30 pm
Spring Hive Management

  • Unwrapping the over-wintered hive - Reversing – when, if, and how
  • Feeding an over-wintered hive
  • Avoiding costly mistakes when buying and picking up your honey bees
  • Installing packages and nucleus colonies and feeding can help or hinder success
  • Foundation, drawn comb, old frames, nuc frames, and your bees
  • Treatment free, pest control licensing & honey bee veterinarians

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