Complete 8 Frame Hive Options


Priced right - New England hive custom designed with our winters and northern honey bee behaviors in mind. Includes the unique Slatted Rack, a proven companion to a beekeeper's swarm control techniques and moisture prevention measures. Hive is 13.5 inches wide, walls are 3/4 inch thick. Includes a top winter prep super kit.

This is a complete beehive, 8 Frame UNASSEMBLED, or choose ASSEMBLED for $318. Crafted in New Hampshire with sustainably harvested white pine. Painted hives are available for $400. Drop by to talk about your assembly & painting needs.  COVID-19: Just give Athena a call. We can have them ready for pick up and you can pay over the phone or bring a check. We are not allowed to take cash per NH Guidelines.

No laminated woods used in the hive except for plywood as we have found it holds up better and provides weight in the Telescoping & inner covers. Frames are wood with quality beeswax wired foundation. Crafted by New Hampshire & Maine carpenters. Only the boxes and frames are unassembled. One deep and two mediums.


  • Telescoping Outer Cover with aluminum shield
  • Inner Cover
  • Shim for feeding emergencies
  • 2 Medium Supers with frames and quality wired wax foundation
  • Deep Brood Box with frames and quality wired wax foundation
  • Slatted Rack
  • Screened Bottom Board
  • Landing Board
  • Entrance Reducer
  • Winter prep super kit

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  • Model: Hive-8MD