"The bee is honored... not because she labors, but because she labors for others." -St. John Chrysostom

Modern Beekeeping
& The Ancient Honey Bee

A history & science course supporting New Hampshire’s farm and forest apiary resources



Classes held w/ Zoom options and on occasion at Carroll Academy in Tamworth, 680 White Mountain Hwy - Unit 10

Instructor: Athena Contus, Certified Master Beekeeper

$150 for an individual / $225 couples or Free for DIPLOMA students:
~ counts as a history credit ~


  • Hive Field Guide For Beekeepers
  • Supplemental Notebook - electronic format
  • Book: Storey’s Guide To Keeping Honey Bees
  • Book: Honey Bee Biology & Beekeeping

(Supplied by CCAE - Please note: if you already have the books we cannot compensate you on the fee)

Call Crystal Sawyer to register:
603 323-5100 - Check payable to: Carroll Academy send to: Carroll County Adult Education, 680 White Mountain Hwy Unit 10, Tamworth, NH 03886

PAY ONLINE HERE (+4% online payment option)

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Note: Zoom lesson & slide presentation will be available for viewing after each class but there will be no recordings of a live class or its participants without permission.

- Ancient & American Beekeeping History

- Science, & The Art of Beekeeping

- The Gifts of Evolution

- Duties that bind a family of bees

- Honey bee Queens

- Four Dynamic Elements of a Colony

- Swarm Intelligence

- Hive equipment for New Hampshire– IN PERSON CLASS OPTION

- Hive Locations & Insuring Colony Health

- Honey Bees & Native Pollinators

- Apiary Management Strategies

- Honey Bees in Winter– IN PERSON CLASS OPTION

- Hive Inspections

- Hive Pests & Predators

- Brood Diseases: Nurseries in Peril


- IPM for Honey Bees

- Natural Beekeeping Methods & History

- Honey & Traditional Medicine-Apitherapy

- Honey Harvesting– IN PERSON CLASS OPTION

- Beeswax - Ancient Uses & Harvesting

- Bee Clubs & Organizations

- Where, When & How to Get Bees


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